The Cash Monkey Store Visitor Review

What is Cash Monkey

I am writing this article to discuss my recent visit in Cash Monkey store. I want to share my successful experience with you . First of all I want you to know about What actually is Cash Monkey ? Cash Monkey is basically a store which provide money services to their customers with reasonable rates. This store is situated between Nottingham and
Derby. The store has two branches located in Long Eaton and Ilkeston .They are prawn brokers. Now here I want to define prawn brokers. The pawnbroker can be any person or it can be business. What we do we lend money to the people and take something from them. We take any property they occupied while lending money. The purpose is that if people will not be able to return money to them due to any reason then their property would be sold by the person who lend money.

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My Review About Cash Monkey

I recently visited Cash Monkey store . I visited pawn shop located in Nottingham. Now what is pawn shop? As I have already discussed about pawnbrokers . The word pawn is related to pawnbroker. This is the shop where the lending of money takes place. A person gives their property and takes money in return. The property which they deposit can be jewellery, watches ,camera etc. So in last few days I had to go to Birmingham for which I needed extra money due to which I decided to visit pawn shop in Nottingham.

My Successful Visit

In a pawn shop Nottingham we can buy ,sell or trade number of products. We can also exchange our old products with new one by only paying a little amount. The facility of exchanging currency is also available there. When I went there I was amazed by the environment. The staff of the shop was so helpful and caring. They guided me about their services and asked me about my purpose. I told them about my plan to Birmingham for which I needed money. I took my jewellery along with me for depositing in pawn shop. I gave them and received that amount of money for which I needed. I was so surprised by their service. My cashing process went so quickly with low commission rates .


.The purpose of sharing my experience is to help you people. I am satisfied customer of pawn shop Nottingham. I request you people to visit once and I guarantee you will become fan of Cash Monkey. This is the best service available for the people of UK to help them with money whenever they are in need.


I want you people to have a look on pawn shops and also share your experience with public on their website.


This will make aware many people about Cash Monkey who are still not aware and it can be helpful for them in many ways